Swat Valley

Swat Valley also known as “Switzerland of Pakistan” is home to shimmering lakes, picturesque mountains, tiny walled medieval towns, historic cities, soaring peaks, endless green fields you want to run through, and friendly, welcoming people. It’s known for ski resorts, hiking trails.

Swat is a stunning valley and a famous tourist destination located in the upper north region of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. Swat district is situated at a distance of 247 Km (153 Miles) from the capital city of Islamabad at an approximate travel time of a little over 3 hours via the M1 and M16 Swat Motorway.

It is the upper valley of the Swat River, which rises in the Hindu Kush range. Falak Sar is the highest mountain peak in Ushu Valley of Swat, Pakistan at an elevation of 5,957 meters (19,544 ft), it is considered the highest peak of the Swat district in the Hindu Kush mountains range, followed by Mankial mountain peak.

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Swat valley is open through the air but the best time to visit swat valley is between July till August and November till March.

Top Things To Do In Swat

Enchanting Swat Valley offers countless exciting activities. Let’s have a look at them.

Being blessed with uninterrupted views of the Hindukush mountain range and perfect snow slopes, the fairytale destination is enough to provide thrills to a skier and novices alike.

The retreat of Malam Jabba is an adventure-centric getaway blessed with a wealth of nature’s treasures. This quiet valley is ideal for spending some amazing time with your partner as you go trekking, exciting activities including ziplining, Chair lift, Giand swing, and discovering under-explored hill villages.

Shahi Bagh “Hidden treasure of Kalam valley” . Located at a distance of about 30 kilometers from Kalam Valley near Gabral town. The moment you lay eyes on that magical landscape, so fantasy-like you have to pinch yourself to believe it’s really, all worries seem to fade away. Lush greenery, calm streams, surrounded by snow capped mountains made the beauty of Shahi bagh matchless.

Mahodand lake is located in the Ushu valley at a distance of Km from Kalam. Travel via 4X4 SUV,  the road to Mahodand lake is full of nature wonders, you will pass through forest, rivers and waterfalls . Tranquil mountain lake with lush flora & fauna & a popular spot for fishing, boating & camping

This all around safeguarded woodland is loaded with deodar trees and is a fantastic spot to get lost. The road that leads into the forest continues on to several villages set along the Kalam River.

This quiet place in Swat is the perfect place to unwind and connect with nature—and yourself. Gabin Jabba is located at a distance of 65 KM from Mingora city. The green meadows, thick forests, snow clad mountains, mineral springs and high peaks of the place make visitor fan of this place.

Blue Water

Dhamaka Lake

Gabin Jabba

Kalam Valley

Kundol Lake

Mahodand Lake

Marghazar White Palace

PC Hotel Malam Jabba

Shahi Bagh

Shamuzai Bridge

Ski Resort Malam Jabba

Swat Motorway

Swat Museum

Ushu Forest