Neelum Valley, Kashmir

Neelum Valley  is the utmost reflection of inspiring charisma of nature. With its unparallel offering, the beautiful Neelum valley always gifts cherishing memories to the tourists. Alongside the Neelum river, there are a lot of appealing places that compels the tourists to continue staring at them and feel lost in paradise of nature’s beauty.

Upon visiting Kashmir, you will feel the exquisiteness in the lush green scenery competing with the calmness of river Neelum, elegance of lakes, supernatural village life and tranquility endowed by the mountains.

Located in Pakistan as a self-governing entity, AJK is administered by the govt. of Pakistan. It has diverse locations at border. To the east exists Indian territory, Gilgit Baltistan is located at its North while Punjab and KPK shares south and west borders respectively.

Even though official language of Azad Kashmir is Urdu but there are multiple languages spoken in different districts. Most common of them are:

Neelum valley is not only known for its aesthetic beauty but also for its mouthwatering delicacies of Kashmiri food. Let’s have a look at the famous Kashmiri food preferred all over the region:

Min 0°C, Max 25°C

June to September

Min -3°C, Max 16°C

October to Mid-November

Min -09°C, Max 6°C

Mid-November to February

Min -5°C, Max 19°C

March to May

The beautiful Neelum valley remains captivating attention for tourists round the year. To completely explore each destination at its best scenery, it is recommended to visit Kashmir between April and October.

However, for majestic winter holidays, Neelum valley is known as stunning snowy destination. November to March remains the season for snow-fall lovers.

Top Things to Do in Neelum Valley

Traveling Kashmir is full of variety for all kind of nature lovers. Simply put, there’s a lot to explore. Let’s see how you could make the best of your time while visiting aesthetically pleasing Neelum valley.

Surrounded by Karakoram mountains, the alpine glacial lake named “Ratti Gali” is one of the most mesmerizingly beautiful lakes in Pakistan. Encircled by majestic sight of grassy slopes at one side while snow covered mountains at the other, this enchanting lake would make you breath the best moments of life.

Possessing the charming feature of being called one of the most picturesque lakes in Kashmir, Chitta Katha lake deserves a visit if you truly aspire to explore Kashmir in detail.

Seizing tourists’ attention with its bewitching sight, this loud echoing waterfall clearly communicates its captivating voice and motion to each tourist while surprising you with its enthralling existence and crystal-clear water. This beautiful place entrenches your heart, compelling you to stay there for hours.

Located near Muzaffarabad, this ravishing waterfall sparks joy to keep exploring nature.

The world is full of scenic and beautiful places but only a few destinations make you to desire staying there forever. Located on hilltop, the lavish and naturally blessed valley “Arang Kel” is a ring of diamond in the splendid hands of Kashmir declaring it a must visit for nature lovers.

Fascinating greenery, appealing scenery, pleasing breezes, stunning views at night are a few among thousands of attributes present in this valley.

Experiencing delightful views of beautiful Kashmir gives incredibly peaceful feels while you are at Upper Neelum valley. Pacifying stays, soothing walk and lush green views make this valley the most recommended stay place for the tourists.

Known as the last station of Neelum valley, this beautiful village is a complete package of nature’s gift. From pure water of Neelum river, to trout fish farm, hospitable people and awe-inspiring scenery displaying hypnotic beauty leaves you spellbound. Visit this place if you are a passionate nature lover in true spirit then this valley would cheer your inner peace with its delicate beauty.

Dhani Waterfall

Kutton Waterfall

Baboon Valley

Ratti Gali Lake

Upper Neelum

Sharda Ruins

Sharda Bridge

Kel Cable Car

Arangkel Village

Chitta Katha Lake

Taobat Village