Naran - Kaghan

Naran is the hub of tourism in Pakistan. Naran valley admired for its unparalleled scenic views, pristine lakes, waterfalls and featuring the high mountain passes. Naran is also a Gateway to Gilgit – Baltistan, Babusar pass connect KPK – GB which is very famous pass in summers. Naran is becoming the most busiest tourist place in Pakistan and is on everyone’s bucket list.

Naran is most popular destination, situated in Upper Kaghan valley in Manshera. It is situated around 280 KM away from capital city. Malka Parbat is the highest peak of Kaghan valley altitude of 17,360 ft.

Although people in Naran – Kaghan know Urdu language and some speak English as well. However, most famous local languages spoken in Naran – Kaghan are:

The only best time to visit Naran Valley is May till August. Naran is remain closed from November till April.

Things To Do In Naran - Kaghan

Enchanting Skardu Valley offers countless exciting activities. Let’s have a look at them.

A fascinating adventure awaits you as you travel along with the Kunhar River’s winding flow. You can take in the breathtaking views on both sides of the river while navigating your raft through the calm waters. Experience the thrill and rush of rafting on the Kunhar River. Kunhar River rafting is ideal for river rafting and provides new excitement for adventure seekers. 

The Pristine Lake is located at a distance of 8KM from Naran. Lake Saif ul Mulook is accessible via 4X4, bumpy but scenic route of lake offers water streams, Glaciers and panoramic view of valley. Lake Saif Ul Mulook offers Serenity and peace accentuated by glittering water, sparkling reflections, cool air, and breathtaking landscapes – they are everything you have ever dreamt of; absolutely picture-perfect.

Pakistan is awarded with the best natural jewels. Shogran is the hill station of Kaghan valley. Shogran, a captivating Kaghan hill station, attract to those seeking nature, and peace.

Siri Paye meadows the must visit attraction of Shogran valley accessible via 4X4.  These picturesque meadows, is blessed with a wonderful landscape made up of forests, lake, and surrounded by might mountains, which has helped it gain popularity more quickly than the clouds that float over its hilltops.

Sharan forest is newly discovered tourist attraction of Kaghan valley. Wanderers in search of tranquility are increasingly making their way to the scenic area of Sharan in the famed Kaghan Valley, an oft-visited destination in the summers for those seeking escape from hustle and bustle of daily routine. The majesty of Sharan waterfall, the lure of Manshi Top and the breathtaking expanse of the surrounding meadows are also big draws for travelers.

The road to Lalazaar valley is adventurous. The place is reached through the deadliest track on jeep with many twists and switch.The track is 4.2 km (2.6 miles) long with incredible landscapes, pine forest scenic views and charming weather. Lalazar is that the stunning Hill Station that one cannot afford to miss. The excellent natural scenery and verdure is that the main attraction of the realm.

A exciting day tour to Babusar top. The 65 KM journey from Naran – Babusar is filled with serene beauty. One would experience the fusion of thrill, waterfalls, water streams and small valleys including Batakundi, Jhalkand and Besar.

Babusar Top


Kiwai Waterfall

Kunhar River

Lalazaar Valley

Lulusar Lake

Naran Market

Saif ul Mulook Lake