Hunza Valley

Blessed with some of the world’s towering mountains, splendid lakes, and one of the most gracious people, Hunza Valley is one of the top famous destinations in Pakistan. Be it tranquility of the valley, panoramic views of Atta abad Lake, daring adventure on the archetypal Hussaini Bridge or exciting views and photography at the Passu Cones, Hunza has a lot to offer.

Interesting fact about this valley is the literacy rate which is more than 95% and due to this people of Hunza are much civilized, soft spoken and hospitable.

Positioned at around 2,500 meters altitude, Hunza Valley is an exquisite mountain valley located in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan alongside the peaceful Hunza River and serene Karakoram Mountain range at the northernmost side of Pakistan. This valley shares the world’s highest altitude border with China connecting its Xinjiang province with Pakistan at a place named as “Khunjerab Pass”.

Even though official language of this region is Urdu but there are multiple languages being spoken in different districts of Gilgit. Some of the frequently used languages are as:

Going to such breathtaking places multifold the joy when the local cuisine has amazing taste to offer. So, these are some delicious local food to try when you are in Hunza.

Min 6°C, Max 30°C

June to September

Min 0°C, Max 15°C

October to Mid-November

Min -10°C, Max 5°C

Mid-November to February

Min -4°C, Max 15°C

March to May

Hunza is an excellent place to visit from mid of March till end of November and the most comfortable yet popular to visit time is between June to October. Traveling to Hunza in winter (December to February) is only for adventure lovers who could adapt in extremely low temperature and snow fall.

Top Things To Do In Hunza

There are many astonishing places to visit in the Hunza Valley. These spots are not very commercial, so you’re sure to get the most authentic experience out of staying here.

Attabad Lake is the symbol of nature’s charisma displayed in Hunza Valley and with its serene aquamarine water, it calmly enraptures every tourist coming to see it. This beautiful lake is more than 300 feet deep and was created in 2010 after a massive landslide.

One of the world’s most adventurous bridge, Hussaini Bridge is an old suspension platform that links two small villages located at opposite side of Hunza River. The bridge is quite unsteady and due to distant placement of wooden planks, it is a daring adventure to cross this bridge.

Tour to Hunza is incomplete If you do not visit Pak-China border. Famous as the world’s highest altitude border, Khunjerab Pass is a place worth visiting. Be it the spectacular views on the way, startling sights of Mar-khor and Ibex, or the breathtaking feels while reaching at the top, this border is in the wish list of travelers in Pakistan.

With awesome background views of crown shaped mountains, Passu is a small suburb near Hunza Valley that is a perfect spot for photography and tourist traveling to Khunjerab never miss this opportunity to capture memories of lifetime.

Depicting lives of history, more than 1000 year old fort is a great place to visit and explore ancient ways of living. Alongside, incredible views of Hunza valley and its picturesque gardens are among perks of visiting Altit fort.

Visiting fort seems old fashioned sometimes but when it is about Baltit Fort, once could never resist to visit this beautiful ancient fort. Providing splendid views from the top of the fort, this fort is famous for its premium location. Experience inner peace while staring at the ravishing nature of Hunza valley.

Having a decent commercial place to shop for souvenirs and eat local food seems rare a little rare in remote valley but Hunza has everything you desire. Karimabad bazar is a must visit hub to explore local crafts and some local food.

Hunza valley is surrounded by many high-altitude mountains such as Rakaposhi, Hunza Peak, Bojahagur Duanasir II, Darmyani Peak, Ghenta Sar, Ultar Sar and Ladyfinger Peak. Their scenic views give Hunza a competitive edge over other tourist destinations.

Eagles Nest is one of the most popular viewpoints in Hunza valley that provides a dazzling view of the Hunza valley, specially during sunrise or sunset. Once you reach the viewpoint and see the break of dawn over Hunza valley, you will forget everything else for that incredible moment.

It is the most famous bistro in the valley. Delicious local food, pan cakes and famous walnut cake are the must haves of this café.

Karakoram Highway

Rakaposhi View Point

Karimabad Bazaar

Café De Hunza

Baltit Fort

Altit Fort

Royal Garden

Eagle Nest

Attabad Lake

Hussaini Suspension Bridge

Passu Cones

Sost Dry Port